Challenging and fun!

Safe and fun shotgun sport

Beautiful setting for sporting clays

Beautiful setting for the fastest growing sport

Conveniently located just north of Mobile, AL

Exciting variety of targets

South Alabama’s Premier Sporting Clays Club

Professional instructors on site

Picnic tables, BBQ grills, fire pits, and more!

Good days at Bushy Creek Clays

Good friends, warm fire!!

Exciting variety of targets

Professional instructors on site

Excellent option for business entertaining

Fun for all ages! Make it a family outing!

Don't forget a souvenir

Fully automated sporting clay courses

Great venue for charity fundraisers

Safe and fun shotgun sport

Sporting Clays

Bushy Creek Clays utilizes the Long Range Trap Release System which includes a solo shooter function, also called delayed timers. It is an ideal way for the lone shooter to practice. Long Range has developed a delay timer that is adjustable between 0.2 seconds and 6 seconds.

Sporting Clays

Our fully automated sporting clay courses meet the needs of all levels of shooters. We offer an exciting variety of targets which include midis, rabbits, and chondels. The facility currently consists of two sporting clay courses. A typical round of sporting clays consists of 100 targets spread over multiple shooting stations. Our 30 stations include two – four machines (traps) at each station with the target difficulty ranging from beginner to advanced.

Our shooting stations, one of which is an elevated 14’ deck, are built to the highest standards and provide sound level platforms for solid footing. Targets are presented from several elevations such as our 60’ and 40’ tower shots. The course is laid out over two miles of well-maintained road in the natural surroundings of the forest and fields.


Our 5-stand is an elevated deck under roof equipped with cooling fans and spectator seating. 5-stand is very similar to sporting clays in that a wide variety of targets are thrown. No two 5-stands are exactly alike. In addition, 5-stand offers a great opportunity for warm-up or training because of its variety of targets thrown from one central location.

There are five “stands” or stations to shoot from and it generally consists of six to eight traps. Participants shoot in turn at each of the five stands where a menu card advises the shooter of the sequence of targets. A typical round of 5-stand is 25 or 50 targets and is a great way to get a sporting clay-like experience.

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